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Slicers with a special coating for intensive use
  • Non-stick Coating on removable parts. The main parts of the slicer in contact with the food are easy to remove and clean in a dishwasher. This reduces significantly the cleaning operation time and allows an easy and hygienic switch of products to be slice
  • Special Coating. The special treatment, Quantanium and EasyClean, is a mix of titanium or ceramic particles blended into the coating. This prevents the spread of food residues and protects from the corrosion caused by detergents, food acids and salt.
  • Top safety and Rapid cleaning. Safety and cleaning always guaranteed, even with frequent usage. The slicer can also be washed with shower jet from top. Every detail is attended to facilitate the usage and maintenance of the machine.
Professional Slicers for intensive use
  • Intensive Use. The Mathieu 5000 series guarantees efficiency and high precision slicing capacity for the intensive users. Perfect to cut not only deli products but also cheese and gastronomy meat. A rapid removable blade available, for quicker cleaning.
  • High Quality. Top materials assure top performances, the high quality blades guarantee a precise cut. The well-finished components ensure longevity and protection from everyday use. A "Silver" finishing, an elegant design particularly appreciated in store
  • Rapid and Easy cleaning. A slicer must have complete and safe hygiene. Mathieu 5000 slicers can be washed with a jet spray from the top, in order to reduce significantly, the time of cleaning operations and to eliminate completely any food residue.
Economic Slicers
  • Ergonomic design. Perfectly suited for use in areas where space is at a premium whilst ensuring safety and comfort for the operator. This range is built for easy cleaning and also complies with all sanitary regulations.
  • Solid and precise. The high quality construction allows accurate and efficient slicing. The machine structure and the components in contact with the food can withstand extremes loads and corrosion. Precise slices for everyday use and moderate quantities.
  • Best price – quality ratio. Mathieu 3000 slicers offer a maximum ease of use. Our models are equipped with a sharpener and graduated knob designed for an easy grip. They are particularly suitable for small and medium catering and food service market.

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