Open Air Shakers

Reciprocating Shakers

Providing Consistent Shaking Action for a Range of Applications
OHAUS Reciprocating Shakers are designed for a range of applications including cell cultures and extraction procedures that require accurate, repeatable results. Our shakers are microprocessor-controlled to provide consistent, uniform shaking action. The back-and-forth reciprocating motion has a 19 mm stroke length. Permanently lubricated ball bearings & maintenance-free, brushless DC motor provide reliable service and continuous duty operation.
Chemical Extractions, Blood Sample Mixing, Gel Staining, Cell Cultures, Solubility Studies
Independent LED displays for speed/time allow the operator to view both settings simultaneously
Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included)
Cold rolled steel (CRS)
Design Features
Built-in tray (11x13 inch or 28x33 cm) with a non-slip rubber mat (included)
Touchpad controls with independent LED's for speed/time allow operator to view all settings at once. Timer displays elapsed time or when programmed to a set time, will turn off when time reaches zero.
Speed ramping feature slowly increases the speed to desired set-point to avoid splashing. The load sensor detects unbalanced conditions & automatically reduces rpm to a safe speed to protect samples.
Our shakers are equipped with an overload protection system. Audible and visual signals will activate when the system detects an obstruction or overload of the tray to warn the operator.
Reciprocating Shakers Models

Reciprocating, 19 mm

6.8 kg

Speed Range

20 rpm – 300 rpm

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